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"It's beautiful, captivating.

A melodious voice carrying messages, a combination of old and modern music... this is Lisa Schettner."

- Patrick Leleu, La Dépêche

"Amazing. Beautiful voice and wonderful clip. I wish Lisa Schettner were more famous, so that everyone could listen to her meaningful songs."

- Tamuna Tsertsvadze, writer

Elisabeth "Lisa/Liz" Schettner is a singer-songwriter.

Due to her parents' profession she has often changed her country of residence, attending schools in Bogotá (Colombia), Vancouver (Canada), Vienna (Austria), the French Riviera, and various other regions of France.

Lisa began singing at 2 years of age by imitating everything from nursery rhymes to Latino music. At age 6 she started learning piano, and took her first guitar lessons two years later. In her early teens she was given her mother's vintage guitar and began expressing herself through her own music and lyrics. Her knowledge of piano and vocal technique has increased under the private tutelage of Hilary & Simon Carrington.

From 2014 to 2017 her songs were recorded & produced in Vancouver by her former guitar teacher, Ed Sadler (Canadian musician, lead singer & founder of Fear Zero).

Having grown up in a multicultural environment she spontaneously writes her music in English. Her main genre is Folk with a touch of either Medieval, Celtic, Country, Pop, Rock, or Bluegrass.

Up High is the name of her introductory EP.


She is currently working on her debut album named Spyces.


"What talent and natural gifts you have. I'm deeply moved - and especially loved

Strike You Out."

- Alain de Botton, British philosopher and author